Endotracheal Intubating Stylet

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The intubating stylet is composed of an aluminum strip and an outer tube. The outer sleeve is made of PVC material. The intubating stylet is used for shaping in the clinic to facilitate intubation. Place the guide wire into the endotracheal tube before intubation. The Intubating stylet provides a positive aid to intubation. Flexible plastic coated stylet designed to assist in the introduction of the ET Tube on the more difficult patients. Allow the ET tube to be directed more easily for the difficult intubation. Intubating stylet could be packed and sold together with Endotracheal Tube, or Reinforced Endotracheal Tube accordingly.

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- Medical-grade PVC (DEHP or DEHP free available)

- Hard Version and regular version both provided

- The Stylets designed for pre-forming the tracheal tube to facilitate intubation.

- Easily adapted to any desired shape for tracheat tube intubation

- With lumen suction secretions accumulated above cuff

- Easily adapted to any desired shape for tracheal tube intubation

- Low friction between stylet and the tracheal tube for easy insertion and withdrawal

- Smooth distal tip end

- Soft, slippery sheath extends past distal metal end to form atraumatic tip to reduce trauma during intubation

- The stretchability of the aluminum strip makes it easy to shape and intubate.

- The aluminum strip is covered with polyethylene, the surface is very smooth, and it is easy to insert and remove the tube.

- The head is round and smooth, reducing damage to the tracheal wall.

- Have smooth formed tip which reduces trauma of the tissue. Single use so reduces risk of cross infection.

- Have 3 sizes, suitable for Pediatric to adult.


Item No.

Size (Fr/CH)

Applicable tracheal tube

Length (mm)



< 3.5 mm




4.0-5.0 mm




>5.5 mm


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