Foley Catheter Holder Catheter leg strips

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One size fits all types of foley catheters

Stretch material allows for normal daily activities, increase patient’s confidence in life


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Product Description

Holder components:

-Adhesive and stretch body

-Velcro tape

-Writable base surface

-Adhesive tab with two wings

Adhesive and stretch body:



-Leaves no residue on patient’s skin

-Skin-friendly, clear and breathable

-No constriction on blood flow of superficial or deep veins

-No hard plastic parts on the holder, minimize the risk of skin breakdown

-Soft cotton material decrease patient irritation and skin trauma, maximize patient’s comfort

-Stretch material allows for normal daily activities, increase patient’s confidence in life

Velcro tape:

-Adhesive enough to offer secure positions of foley catheter on patients

-Easy to be unfastened for a required secure position

Writable base surface:

- To recode patient data

Two wings tab:

-One size fits all types of foley catheters, no fear of choosing the incorrect product or size

-Can be secured on the shaft or the Y-port of foley catheter. Catheter will not slide out of position, reduce the risk of urethral erosion and traumatic removal

-The adhesive tab can be easily repositioned several times for different usage

-Can be applied to abdomen

Instruction for use


1.Position legband high on patient’s thigh with locking tabs toward the inside frond of the leg. Tighten legband and secure with hook and loop tab. A proper fit allows two fingers to fit snugly under the band.

2.Place foley catheter over the middle of locking tabs where the locking tabs are stitched to the legband.(See Figure A)

3.Take the narrow locking tab over the catheter and insert through the square cutout on the wider locking tab. Fasten to the leg band

4.Take the wider locking tab and fasten to the legband in the opposite direction.(See figure B)


- For single patient use

- Disposable

- To be used under supervision of qualified staff and / or preparation

- Regularly check that the fixation of catheter is adequate

- Change the holder daily or more frequently as required

- Do not wash

Holder for Foley catheter

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