IV Burette set Infusion Set with Burette

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Sterile infusion set with graduated chamber (burette) is for slow intravenous administration of a precise volume of infusion or injectable drug, over a given time. This system limits the risk for hypervolemia (an excessive volume of infusion being given to a patient). Not to be used for blood and blood products.

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This product is available for transfusion of light-sensitive drugs with venous needle.


- With large calibrated burette chamber.

- Approximately 60 drops/ml.

- Sterile and pyrogen-free.

- Roller-type flow controller.


- Soft,clear PVC tubing with standard length 150cm

Burette Design

The burettes are highly transparent, clear & accurate in graduation, and this makes more convenient operation when infusion.


- Made of medical grade ABS for easily puncture

- With or without air vented spike

Flow regulator:

- Credible and agile flow regulator for better flow rate control.

Injection site:

- with or without Y-site injection site

- Needle free is available;


- With or without needle

- Needle size from 18G to 27G

Instruction for use

- Keeping all clamps open and with the I.V. bottle upright, insert the spike all the way through stopper of I.V. infusion bottle.

- Medication can be added into bottle if necessary.

- Close clamp “A” then hang bottle.

- Open clamp “A” to allow the required amount of fluid to flow into the burette. Close clamp “A”.

- Ensure that the proper venous needle is attached. Squeeze drip chamber until it is half full. Do not fill entire drip chamber with fluid.

- Open clamp “A” to re-adjust fluid amount in the burette. Close clamp “A” if necessary to add medication through injection site on top of the bottle.

- Perform venipuncture. Slowly open clamp “B” to adjust flow.

- Observe drops per minute then adjust to achieve proper flow rate. The infsion rate of this set is 60 drops to approximately 1ml.

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