IV Cannula Catheter with Port & Wings

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I.V. Catheter belongs to disposable medical consumables,so the frequency of using them are very high.

Meanwhile,to satisfy the different needs and using habits,we have designed many types.We could provide you Injection port,Butterfly,Pen-like and Small wing.

About the size of needle,we could provide you 14G,16G,18G,20G,22G,24G and 26G.

At the same time,customers could choose different color to distinguish them.We have some regular colors,such as pink,blue,yellow and so on.

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-Stainless 3-facet Needle point, siliconized for smooth and painless puncture

-14G to 26G for option

Needle hub:

-Specially designed needle hub to prevent destabilization and for better grip

-Special thumb radius for proper grip during insertion

Needle Protector:

-Protects the needle and catheter from contamination as well as from accidental damage


-FEP material and latex free

-Special tapered, beveled tip and siliconized. The improved tip design minimizes the resistance during insertion

-Thin walled catheter allows maximum flow rate

Flash Back Chamber

-Unique air vented hub for higher flow rate and quick easy confirmation of correct vascular access

-Avoids blood spillage

-Prevents air bubbles

Threaded Stopper:

-Each I.V. Catheter is provided with a threaded stopper


-FEP material and latex free catheter

-Stainless 3-facet Needle point, siliconized for smooth and painless puncture

-Easy dispenser pack

-Color-coded casing cap allows for easier identification of catheter size

-Translucent catheter hub allows for easy detedtion of blood flashback at vein insertion

-Teflon Radio-opaque catheter

-Percision finished PTEE catheter assures stable flow and eliminates catheters tip kink during venipuncture

-Can be connected to syringe by removing filter cap to expose lure taper end

-Use of hydrophobic membrane filter eliminates blood leakage

- Close and smooth contact between catheter tip and inner needle enable safe and smooth venipuncture


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