IV Infusion Set with Tube Latex, Y-site

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The Infusion set is a single-use, sterile, winged needle bonded to a flexible tubing with a connector. It can be used with various systems for the infusion of intravenous fluids with a luer system.

It includes plastic protector for spike, spike, air-inlet, soft tube, drip chamber, filter and flow regulator. Other different parts are according to the consumers’ requirement.

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Infusion set

Intravenous Infusion set (IV set) is the fastest mode to infuse medication or replace fluids throughout the body from sterile glass vacuum IV bags or bottles. It is not used for blood or blood related products.

It includes universal spike, drip chamber(1ml=20 drops), solution filter, roller clamp, flashback, luer slip adapter and needle.

Product Description


Infusion sets are used during the following situations:

- On patients who need to be injected with liquid medication

- On patients who need to be injected with nutrient solutions


- The infusion set is used for only once.

- The transparent drip chamber is easy to control the drip speed.

- transparent drip chamber with filter 20drops/ml

- The standard leagth of soft and kink resistant tube is 1.5m. We can offer other length if needed

- Infusion sets are EO gas sterile


- Made of medical grade PVC or DEHP free

- Length is available from 150cm to 250cm

- High flexible and kink resistant


- Made of medical grade ABS for easily puncture

- With wings or without wings

- Air vented with closure or non vented

Drip chamber:

- Injection molding or extrusion molding

- With or without fluid filter

- 20drops/min or 60drops/min

Flow regulator:

- Medical grade PE or ABS

- With or without clamp

- Different colors for choice

Injection site:

- Latex or latex free

- Y-site, ball shape tube for option

- Needle free is available;


- Avaliable with Luer slip or luer lock connector


- With or without needle

-  Available with hypodermic needle or scalp vein set

- Needle size from 18G to 27G


-  Single use only,reuse is forbiden.

-  Stop use if the packing is damaged.

-  Discard the infusion set after use

-  This product should be stored in a dry and cool place.


Item No.





With ball shape latex tube, luer slip/luer lock


With injection Y site


With ball shape latex tube & injection Y site


With precious flow regulator


Double chamber type

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