Medical Extension Set Disposable IV Extension Tube

short description:

Made of medical grade PVC or DEHP free

Length is available from 15cm to 250cm

High flexible and kink resistant

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Product Description


-Made of medical grade PVC or DEHP free

-Length is available from 15cm to 250cm

-High flexible and kink resistant


-Luer lock connector at both ends

-Rotating luer lock adapter is available, which reduce the risk of twisting of tubing during connection


-Y-injection site, latex tube, three-way stopcock and flow regulator for option


-Low pressure or high pressure for choice

Packing material:

-Soft Blister or PE bag


-Constant flow Rate: 5 to 250 ml / hour with tolerance 10% at most.

-Elastic PVC, Easy use, No kink.

-Safety, no needle hurt for medical liquid addition, No DEHP for patient. Better for nurse and patient.

-All material support lipid resistant and alcohol resistant. No worry for leaking during use or injection lipid.

-All connectors meets international 6:100.No worry for compatible problem.

Quality assurance

-Flow regulator meets international standard and strict control by test.

-Needle free site would bounce back after injection and easy for nurse.

-Compensation or recall is available.

Infusion low pressure control plastic three way medical valve:

-Smooth and jerk free operation with arrow marks to indicate flow of fluids.

-Lipid resistant, fully transparent and with minimal dead space.

-Universal 6% taper according to ISO594, compatible with any standard product.

-Leak-proof up to 3 bar(43.5psi).

-The cap can be color coded in white, blue or red .

-360 rotation.

I.V Flow Regulator with Extension Tube

Precise flow rate control of IV fluids with range of 5to 250 ml/hr With "Y" injection port (latex or latex free) for intermittent medication.  Also available with thumb support "Y" injection port and needle free "Y" site. 

Male luer connector at one end and female luer connector at other end. Standard tube length: 20 cm without "Y" site & 40 cm with "Y" site


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