Spigot for foley catheter Spigot Catheter

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The Spigot  is used to provide stop of flow for catheters hygienically during nursing procedures. It is non-invasive which has been utifized to seat the catheter for a short time to allow urine to collect in the bladder.

The Spigot is intended to use to seal the drainage funnel of the Urethral Catheter for prevention of nosocomial urinary tract infection.

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- Universal size is molded to fit all sizes of catheters or tubes.

- Graduated design made it to easily accommodate tubing of various internal diameters.

- Ribbed designed provides strong, secure connections. 

- Ergonomic flanged designed assists withdrawal and maximize grip

- Can be supplied sterile in individual peel pouches, or even in bulk packaging.

- Made from non-toxic PP

- EO Sterile, single use only

- 100% latex-free

Type and component

-   100% silicone, medical-grade

-   Length of 410mm

-   Catheter with X-ray line

-   Available with balloon in variety of capacity

-   Monitor patient's bladder temperature to assist clinical diagnosis


Figure 1 Structure of Spigot

2.3 Dimension of product

Table 1: Dimensions of Spigot

Name Length 1 Length 2 Diameter
Spigot 54.7±0.2mm 32.7±0.1mm 12.0±0.1mm

Intended use of product

- Cleanse the drainage funnel of the catheter using a sterile towelette packet

- Take out one sterile single packed spigot

- Open the sterile packaging

- Insert the spigot into the drainage funnel of the catheter


- For single patient use only.

- Not intended for reprocessing.

- Do not re-sterilize.

- Store in a dry, cool and dark place.

Product Specification

List Test Item Requirements
1 Surface finish The surface shall appear free from extraneous matter
2 Dimensions (mm) Length 1 54.7±0.2mm
Length 2 32.7±0.1mm
Diameter 12.0±0.1mm
3 Connection security When tested in accordance with the method given in annex B of EN1616 ( a tensile force of 0.7kg is applied), the spigot shall not part from the drainage funnel of the catheter.
4 Biocompatibility Free from biological hazard.
5 Sterility Comply with EN556
6 EO Residue ≤10ug/g


7 Symbols & Labeling Comply with EN980 & prEN1041EN980 & prEN1041.

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