• Closed wound drainage system (Hollow)

    Closed wound drainage system (Hollow)

    This product includes 3-spring evacuator, PVC tubing, Y connector, PVC drainage tube and stainless steel trocar.

    Main raw materials: PVC and/or silicone rubber according to drainage pipes and containers of different materials used can be divided into PP, PS, SS three types. According to the capacity of different containers can be divided into 400ml and 800ml.

    This product is used for abdominal, chest, breast and other parts of the fluid, pus and blood drainag

  • Closed Wound Drainage System (Spring)

    Closed Wound Drainage System (Spring)

    Spring PVC A Jackson-Pratt 3-Spring Reservoirs Closed Wound Drainage System

    Closed Wound Suction Drainage System with transparent spring bellow suitable for drainage under negative pressure post operatively with the options to operate one or two catheters simultaneously.

  • Silicone Reservoir drainage system

    Silicone Reservoir drainage system

    Uinversal stepped adapter allows connecting to all kinds of suction tube.

    Quality anti-reflux valve totally eliminates liquid reflux.

    Maintain humidity balance of wound; Provide a good healing environment.

    Drain blood and fluid without any impact on surgical site.

    Effectively avoids crossing infection and pollution