2023 CMEF SHENZHEN Booth Hall 11 S02

We took part in the 2023 CMEF in Shenzhen during October 28th to 31st.  There were many people coming to our booth these four days.  We sat down and had face-to-face conversations with our partners who had already been working together with us on our deeper cooperation.  We received new friends both from domestic and abroad, talking about the new cooperation.

As usual, we show our main products at the booth.

Respiratory: oxygen mask, nebulizer mask, non-rebreath mask, multi-vent mask, tracheostomy mask, nasal oxygen cannula, breathing circuit, PVC air cushion face mask, silicone face mask, manualresuscitator, guedel airway, nasopharyngeal airway, HMEF, BV filter.

Urology: silicone foley catheter, latex foley catheter,  urine bag, urine meter, urine leg bag, enema bag set, nelaton catheter, ureteral stent.

Anesthesiology: endotracheal tube, tracheostomy tube, intubating stylet, laryngeal mask airway, spinal needle, epidural needle.

PVC catheter: yankauer handle, suction connecting tube, suction catheter, feeding tube, stomach tube, rectal tube, closed suction catheter.

Wound system:  Chest Drainage Catheter , closed wound drainage system, closed wound drainage system(spring),  closed wound drainage system (hollow),  silicone round fluted drains, silicone round perforated drains, silicone flat perforated drains,  silicone flat fluted drains.

 Hitec Medical booth 6

Post time: Nov-06-2023