Tracheostomy Mask Oxygen Delivery

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Tracheostomy masks are devices that are utilized to deliver oxygen to tracheostomy patients. It is worn around the neck over the trach tube.

A tracheostomy is a small opening through the skin in your neck into the windpipe (trachea). A small plastic tube, called a tracheostomy tube or trach tube, is placed through this opening into the trachea to help keep the airway open. A person breathes directly through this tube, instead of through the mouth and nose.

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The Tracheostomy mask is made from PVC in medical grade, consists of mask, swivel tubing connector and neckband.  

The Neckband is made from comfortable, nonbiting material; swivel tubing connector permits access from either side of the patient. Special snaps allow mask to be removed with minimal disturbance to the patient.


-  Be used to deliver oxygen gas to tracheostomy patients; 

-   Be worn around patient's neck over the tracheostomy tube. 

-   Aerosol therapy

-   Tubing connector swivels 360 degrees

-   For tracheostomy and laryngectomy

-   100% latex free

-   Peelable pouch

-   Sterile by EO, single use

-   Medical-grade PVC(DEHP or DEHP free available)

-   Without oxygen tubing


-   Pediatric 

-   Adult

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Instruction For Use

NOTE: These instructions are general guidelines intended for use by qualified medical personnel.

- Select the appropriate oxygen diluter (green for 24%, 26%,28% or 30%: white for 35%,40% or 50%).

- Slip the diluter onto the VENTURI barrel.

- Select the prescribed oxygen concentration by setting the indicator on the diluter to the appropriate percentage on the barrel.

- Firmly slide the locking ring into position over the diluter.

- If humidification is desired, use the high humidity adaptor. To install, match the grooves on the adaptor with the flanges on the diluter and slide firmly into place. Connect the adaptor to the humidity source with large bore tubing (not supplied). 

- Warning: Use only room air with the high humidity adaptor. Use of oxygen will affect the desired concentration.

- Connect supply tubing to the diluter and to the appropriate oxygen source.

- Adjust the oxygen flow to the appropriate level(see table below) and check for gas flow through the device.

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